Cusco – Mercado de San Pedro

DSC_7932 (1).jpg

This place was one of my first stops in Cusco, as soon as I got to Peru. I must say I went to the country with a great deal of expectation regarding its food and culture. As I entered Mercado Central de San Pedro, I felt like I had entered a touristic place. The first stalls, by the entrance, all sell souvenirs. But you must keep walking to see the magic.

El Mercado literally sells everything regarding groceries, from flowers, passing through the vast andean variety of corn and potatoes (more than 3000 types of potatoes!) all the way until you hit some pig heads and meat laying outside without being refrigerated. The amount of food is impressive and there is food everywhere you look! From the floor to hanging on top of your head.

Even though this place was one of the touristic ‘must see places’, I felt as if it was a habit for the locals to go there to eat and shop for fresh products. The place was filled with, not only sellers, but a huge amount of Peruvians enjoying a tasty lunch.

-photo 2016-

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