Córdoba – La Mezquita

DSC_7771 (1).jpg

This past June we headed for a long weekend in Málaga (post about it in the near future). As we had exhausted most of Málaga’s attractions, we headed for a full day in Córdoba. Early in the morning we took a train to start our short journey.

I must admit that I liked Córdoba way more than Málaga. The city breathes history all around and it seems as it stopped in time a bit. One of the main stops of the day was La Mezquita, the city’s great mosque. It is quite a confusing site. You enter this massive  peaceful building and you feel like you are in Istanbul, but at the same time there are Christian symbols everywhere.

We learned that the place started of as a palace, turned into a cathedral, that turned into a mosque, which finally turned back into a cathedral. The Mesquita’s interior is fascinating and worth exploring for a good hour and a half, at least. Not only the columns are worth the trip, but also the prayer hall, the domes and the cathedral part.

p.s.: The whole city smelled like oranges. Loved it!

-photo 2016-

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