Siena – Piazza del Campo

DSC_4620 (1).jpg

On our road trip throughout Toscana last year, we discovered a bit of Siena. It is, similar to Pisa, a small city but full of ‘red colored’ charm. It was one of our final pit stops before going home, so we were already quite tired. That made us enjoy our lunch with calm and peace in the main square of the city: the powerful Piazza del Campo.

The whole medieval city grew around the square and it has always been a big host of events. When we were around the Toscana area, we bumped into many celebration of the “Contradas”. It is a basically a rivalry between districts that ends up in a massive horse competition called the Palio di Siena.

It is at two moments of the year (July and August) that this massive square (a medieval Roman amphitheatre) becomes a place of “celebration” of the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

-photo 2015-


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