San Gimignano – Ferie delle Messi

DSC_4443 (1).jpg

Heading from Siena towards San Gimignano to see sunflowers on the way, we ended up in the small walled medieval town for a late afternoon stretch and got a very happy surprise. As soon as we were parking the car, we noticed people dressed up in medieval clothes and a huge amount of people. Who would have thought that we would see live the Ferie delle Messi (Fair of the Crops)? We didn’t even know that it happens every year!

It is basically a historical-mediaeval reenactment with live interpretation in the square and loads of attraction (including food), all prepared by the locals of the town! Amazing! We paid a modest price to enter the walls and stayed there until the end of the night enjoying shows of flags, songs, dances, games, parades, competitions and tug of war competitions and archery, etc. A blast!

p.s.: it was all in Italian, but everyone is very welcoming!

-photo 2015-

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