Pisa – Torre [pendente] di Pisa

DSC_3971 (1).jpg

Last year we decided to take one long weekend and drive around Toscana. The main objective was to see sunflowers (one day I’ll write about that), but we ended up seeing much more. One of the most pleasant surprises was the small city of Pisa and its main attraction. Of course. We are still tourists travelling around. Ha!

At the beginning we didn’t want to face any lines waiting forever to get into places, using our time mostly to stroll around. As the tour buses started leaving and the Square of Miracles (where the main attractions of the city are located) got less crowded, we checked the last guided tours of the tower and booked at the end of the day.

Let me tell you something… that thing is really pending. When I say really, I MEAN really! The realisation came to live even more when we went up. It is like the building is falling. Crazy. Anyway, it is totally worth going up the 297 steps!

One last tip! Before waiting in line for the time of your tour (people start lining up at the door of the tour about 20 minutes before), make sure you leave all your bags and junk in a locker across the street before. If you show up at the door with your stuff at the time of the tour, they might make you lose your ticket.

-photo 2015-

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