Rio de Janeiro – Feira do Rio Antigo

2011-lavradio (1).jpg

5th year without carnaval. 5th year missing the colorful days full of joy and endless fun. 5th year I don’t see the beloved city of Rio de Janeiro at its best. I would like to call this post ‘nostalgic-postcarnaval-summer-in-Rio-homesick-tripping’. Ha!

Every first Saturday of each month, the ‘cariocas’ are able to enjoy one of the ‘night places’ during the day. In the heart of bohemian Lapa neighbourhood, people come to enjoy – starting at 10am – antique shops, handmade jewelry, outdoors samba and a good feijoada at Rua do Lavradio (Lavradio Street). The place was the first residencial street of Rio and housed names like Machado de Assis, Carmem Miranda, Duque de Caxias e Madame Satã.

It is on my personal must do list while in Rio. I used to be there almost every time it happened, enjoying myself with friends. And in one of those times, in 2011, on a pre-carnaval weekend, we saw people dressed up dancing and singing down the street as you can see in this picture.

-photo 2011-

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