Berlin – Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

2012-berlin (1).jpg

Visiting Berlin for the first time in 2012 I felt like I could go down two paths of visitation type: WWII or cultural-trendy. I chose a mix and I still question myself if that was the best decision. There is no question the city deserves multiple visits and it is to be discovered in small doses. I got to get myself back there!

If we go back in time, 1891 to be more precise, a beautiful neo-romanesque style church was built in the city. But during World War II, between 1943 and 1945, the place suffered with bombings and almost completely disappeared. After a bit of struggle, the Germans were able to keep it alive.

As I entered the church (picture), which was still under construction, I felt my heart  dropping. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church stands today as a symbol: an anti-war memorial to peace and reconciliation. The silence in there eats you up and it is really emotional to be in there for more than ten minutes, as in most of the WWII memorials around the city.

-photo 2012-

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